Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Save More At Macy’s In 2016

Hi! How are you guys doing? I’ve been away for quite some time now, but I’m back with a vengeance! If you frequented this blog, you probably guessed it was hacked (sadly, yes my blog was hacked). I’m not going to talk about it – instead I’m going to give you tips on how to save more money at Macy’s in 2016. In case you haven’t heard already, Macy’s will be making some changes to how discounts are applied to clearance items. That being said, Macy’s loyal shoppers like you and me can still use Macy’s promotion codes.

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How can I save more on clearance items?

We all know that many department stores like Macy’s have very tempting clearance offers. But I chose Macy’s because of its coupons, which you could use on heavily discounted clearance items. It might be safe to say that I learned the art of extreme couponing from Macy’s. This blog is a testament to the fact that I’ve spent a lot of time researching coupons, mostly for Macy’s. The changes I was talking about earlier concerns the clearance department. You no longer need Macy’s coupons to maximize your savings on clearance merchandise because all those extra discounts are already included in the price that you see on the tag.

Does that mean coupons will be scrapped altogether? No, thankfully Macy’s coupons are not going away. Macy’s is revamping the whole couponing experience, not discarding it. At least not in the foreseeable future. We can still use coupons on regular-priced items. And you shouldn’t be worrying about not getting more savings on clearance because Macy’s has made it clear to make clearance shopping more rewarding and, of course, less complicated. You and I can now maximize our savings on clearance items without having to depend on coupons, that’s for sure.

How can I save on full-priced items?

Macy’s promos are still your best bet. Why? Because they are readily available to everybody. And I mean everybody. You don’t need to get yourself enrolled in a loyalty program to take advantage of them. You don’t even need to sign up for an account if you decide to shop online. And then there are coupons. I populate the home page of this blog with the latest coupons I find. That means you don’t need to spend your time looking for coupons because chances are they’re already posted here. If there’s a coupon code that’s applicable to your purchase, I strongly suggest to enter it at checkout. There’s really nothing to lose.

Earning loyalty points is another way to save. In 2016, you have several options to earn rewards at Macy’s. Where do you do most of your shopping? If you find yourself frequenting Macy’s, then you might want to consider signing up for Star Rewards. As a Macy’s cardholder, you become eligible for exclusive discounts and receive many money-savings perks. But if you prefer not to limit your choices to only Macy’s, there is a multi-brand loyalty program that you might be interested in: Plenti. You can use it to earn points at Macy’s, AT&T, Rite Aid, and many more stores!

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