Thursday, June 30, 2016

Macy’s 4th Of July 2016 Sale Is Here!

4th of July is almost upon us! There will be fireworks, festivals, barbecues, and humongous discounts. Yes, I mean that exactly. Even in 2016, 4th of July sales are still the biggest. At least during the summer. If you’ve been holding out for the best time to binge shop, or binge save as I call it, you’ll miss out on great summer deals unless you act now. You don’t have to wait till weekend as Macy’s summer sale has officially started. Expect humongous savings. With or without coupons.

Are coupons still a thing?

I myself have asked that question. I’ve stopped clipping paper coupons altogether because I find all the coupons I need online. But some of my friends apparently don’t use coupons anymore and they’re surprised to know that I still do. Let me allay your fears. Coupons are still one of the best ways to save in this day and age. As a matter of fact, paper coupons are still the favorite type of discounts of millions of couponers as well as stores. Do you shop online? If you do, you’ll find that online couponing doesn’t take too much time since coupons are all over the internet. This blog alone is dedicated to bringing you the latest Macy’s promo codes.

Can we stack discounts?

Independence Day is a cause for celebration for all of us. Festivities are everywhere. We go to the beach. We watch firework shows. We throw parties. And we shop hoping to be able to stack discounts. These have all become traditions. Bargain hunters like me have definitely made it our tradition to go shopping on the 4th of July. This is the perfect time to get prepped for summer. Think of anything summer-related that you’ve always wanted to buy but didn’t. If you find it at Macy’s, chances are it’s discounted by up to 70% today. And with coupons, you’ll get extra savings.

What items are on sale?

This holiday weekend offers deep discounts on warm-weather clothing, outdoor gear and equipment, home goods, and outdoor furniture. I’m sure you’re here to get discounts on fashion. has a lot to offer in that department. You can take as much as 50% off your favorite summer styles, including shoes, handbags, fine jewelry, swimwear, and men’s dress shirts. I can’t stress enough how important coupons are as you’ll save an extra 20% if you enter a code at checkout. Remember that for future reference. Buying any of these stuff ahead of time is like throwing away money!

Are there items we should avoid?

In addition to summer staples, you’re likely to discover pleasant surprises, such as tempting discounts on your much-coveted HDTVs, laptops, computers, phones, tablets, and similar gadgets. It’s up to you to buy them all at once on the 4th of July. That said, I’ll tell you right now that there are bigger back-to-school discounts waiting for you come August, which is just a few weeks away. If you can wait that long, you’ll thank me for the ah-mazing savings to be had. 🙂

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